Proving Grounds 2

The wait is finally over, the most awaited Proving Grounds Round 2 is going to take place from 17th to 19th of May 2019. So, here is everything which u need to know about PG Round 2.

The games shortlisted for this events are:

  • “The King of IronFist Tournament 7” AKA Tekken 7
  • Super Smash Bros
  • FIFA 19
  • Players Unknown Battlegrounds AKA PUBG


Here is the Prize Pool and the dates for selected games

Tekken 7:   

“To be played on 18th and 19th May”

In case you are not aware of the fact that this isn’t any regular Tekken tournament, let us inform you that Proving Grounds 2 is now a Dojo Tournament of Tekken World Tour 2019. More details at this  link

Prize Pool – 60,000 INR

Dojo Tournament in India, Tekken World Tour India


  • Winner – 25,000 INR or Trip to Singapore to attend SEAM 2019.
  • 1st Runner up – 13.000 INR Account Transfer
  • 2nd Runner up – 6,000 INR Account Transfer
  • 3rd Runner up – Gaming Chair
  • 4th Runner up – Gaming Headphone



  • FIFA19

  • “To be played on 17th May”

Proving Grounds FIFA tournament 2k19

Prize Pool – 1, 00,000 INR

  • Winner – 50,000 INR Account Transfer
  • 1st Runner up – 20.000 INR Account Transfer
  • 2nd Runner up – 10,000 INR Account Transfer
  • 3rd Runner up – 7,500 INR Account Transfer
  • 4th Runner up – 5,000 INR Account Transfer
  • 5th Runner up – 2,500 INR Account Transfer
  • 6th Runner Up – 2,500 INR Account Transfer
  • 7th runner up – 2,500 INR Account Transfer



  • Super Smash Bros 

    “To be played on 18th and 19th May”

Super Smash Bros tournament in India 2019

  • Prize Pool – 30,000 INR
  • Winner – 15,000 INR Account Transfer
  • 1st Runner up – 7,500 INR Account Transfer
  • 2nd Runner up – 4,500 INR Account Transfer

“This may increase to 25,000 or 30,000 in a month’s time”



  • PUBG

    “To be played on 18th May”

    PUBG tournament in Proving Grounds 2

Prize Pool – 50,000 INR

  • Winner – 25,000 INR Account Transfer
  • 1st Runner up – 15,000 INR Account Transfer
  • 2nd Runner up – 10,000 INR Account Transfer


NOTE: Payout will happen between 3-4 months from the event completion date


Tekken 7, SFV and FIFA 19 to be played on Sony PlayStation 4. Super Smash Bros on Switch. PUBG on PC

  • Venue:

  • Rex ESports, V Complex, 2, 60 Feet Rd, 6th Block, Koramangala, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560034
  • Rules: All the fighting games will take place in double elimination format as any international tournaments. Participants are requested to bring their own controllers

  • Registrations

    On-spot registration is available

    You can register in advance from this Link 

  • Note: Player who wish to participate for Tekken 7 are requested to register online only as the participation is limited to 150 players only


Proving Grounds 2 – Bangalore

Proving Grounds 2

Proving Grounds 2

Proving Grounds (a part of Indian FGC) is an initiative to bring together all the fighting game enthusiasts and provide them a platform to showcase their skills. The reach is not only limited to Indian FG players but to the Asian sub-continent who can come, participate and prove their mettle. Furthermore, we wish to expand the scope & viability of these games as a spectator sport, which will help us & other brands associated with us to tap into this market for future growth.

What is expected from Proving Grounds, Round 2?

  • 350 + participants
  • Increase in number of games played with an increased prize pool in each of them.
  • Increased viewership on reaching out to the global fighting game community over 3 days.
  • Vast social media coverage (on IFGC Fb page, Instagram, Twitter, Twitch, NDTVGadgets,
  • US EVO style tournament for the very first time in India (3-day event with live streaming & casting)
  • Professional production support by
  • Brand recognition/space online (on stream with ads) as well as offline (at the venue) exclusively for partner-sponsors.

Sponsors –

Uttarakhand Esports Championship

Tekken 7 tournament in India 2019. Tekken Tournament in Indian 2019

Year 2019 has arrived, but this game isn’t growing older. Year’s first Tekken 7 tournament is going to take place in north. Tournament named as “Uttarakhand Esports Championship” is going to take at Dehradun on 19th and 20th January 2k19. Here are the details of the tournament:

  1. Organizer: This tournament is organized by Genesis7 which did organized a Tekken 7 event last year.
  2. Date: 19th January (Pools) and 20th January (Top 8 and Grand Final) 12pm onwards.
  3. Entry Fee: Gamers who wish to participate in Tekken 7 tournament, need to pay INR 400/-
  4. Registration: On Spot registration available
  5. Price Pool: INR 30,000/- with winner getting INR 20,000/- and runner up INR 10,000/-
  6. Venue: Pacific Mall, Dehradun-248006
  7. Platform: Sony PlayStation 4
  8. Monitors: Tekken 7 will be played on BenQ gaming monitors (1ms response time)
  9. Rules:
    1. Tournament will be played in double elimination format as all the standard tournaments
    1. Loser can change the characters
    1. Loser can change the stage but he has to select a random stage only
  10. Participants are requested to bring their own controllers

Team Tournament at Dreamhack Mumbai 2018

Be active now, because this time you gonna takes chance to show your teamwork.

Be a part of the biggest team tournament in the country. Dreamhack gonna organize a casual team tournament at the 1st day (21st Dec) of the event. This team tournament will be organized on both Tekken and Street Fighters games. 

Choose your teammates at the venue or take them with you at the event.

Here are some quotes:

  1. 3 Players in a team
  2. 1 team member will keep playing till he gets either knocked out or defeats all the members of the opponent team.
  3. Your team name will be shown in bracket
  4. This will just be a casual fun tournament with no prize money
  5. It won’t count in main matches
  6. This is for both Tekken and SFV games.
  7. Matches will be played on stage with commentary and live streaming
  8. 3v3 Team tournament will only have 16 teams each for Tekken 7 and street fighter. Register your team quickly before all the slots are booked.

Register Your Team Here:

Check new update of KO Fight Night at the official website:-


How to join Tekken7 tournament at DreamHack?

dreamhack mumbai joining

Tickets are already available at BookMyShow website.

So what you need to do?

  1. Go to this link:-
  2. Click on Buy Tickets
  3. Or you can skip 1 or 2 points by click here. Direct Book

  4. Select Visitor Pass for 3 days, at 999rs
  5. After purchase tickets, you need to take a screenshot or ref. number or you can take pictures in phone
  6. That you need to show at the event venue. There you will get tournament joining pass. (This is a basic info, we are not clear with this info)
  7. Note: We don’t know, there you will need to pay more money for joining the tournament or maybe that cover in online ticket pass.
  8. Tournament joining pass collection time is 7am to 3pm (21st December)

After reaching event venue you need to do this for tournament card 🙂

2018 Mumbai Dreamhack Update

As we can see, tickets now available for purchase. You can purchase tickets at BookMyShow and Dreamhack website.

There are multiple ticket categories and prices for Visitors and Bring Your Own Computer (BYOC) Gamers.

For Visitors, there are two options for tickets.

  • A visitor pass for any single day costs INR 499
  • A 3 Day visitor pass will costs INR 999

For BYOC Gamers, All tickets will give you passes for all three days. There are three different categories or zones in different sections of the stadium.

  • Epic Gamer – Block 3 – INR 2,999
  • Super Epic Gamer – Block 2 – INR 4,999
  • Legendary Gamer – Block 3 – INR 14,999
  • Tekken Gamers – Price Need To Update

dreamhack mumbai

Thinks to notice at Dreamhack or FAQ:-

Is there an age limit for the event?

Dreamhack Mumbai 2018 is open to all age participants. Anyone can easily join and participate DreamHack. Registration is online and offline both.

Can I buy tickets on the site?

Yes, you can buy tickets at BookMyShow and Dreamhack website.

Does DreamHack/BookMyShow offer a refund on tickets?

No, DreamHack/BookMyShow does not offer refunds on bought tickets

Can you buy tickets on location?

Event passes will be available for purchase at the event for day visitors if they are not sold out online. Better purchase tickets online.

I don’t have a printer, can I show my ticket on my phone/tablet?

Yes, you would need to exchange the booking confirmation at the registration desk to obtain entry to the event

What are the payment methods offered?

Both websites offer payment by cash, debit and credit cards and e-wallets.

What are the festival hours?

Friday – (Gamers – 7am to Midnight) | (Visitors – 11am to 8pm)

Saturday – (Gamers – 11am to Midnight) | (Visitors – 11am to 8pm)

Sunday – (Gamers – 11am to Midnight) | (Visitors – 11am to 8pm)

Expo Hall: 11am–8pm Daily

Doors open Gamer : Fri 7AM | Sat 10AM | Sun 10AM

Doors open Visitor : Fri 10AM – 8PM | Sat 10AM – 8PM | Sun 10AM – 8PM

Registration Desk:  Fri 6AM – 7PM | Sat 9AM – 7PM | Sun 9AM – 7PM

BYOC Attendee computer drop off time begins at 7AM on Friday 21st Dec.

The network goes down: 08:00 AM, Monday, Dec 24th.

The electricity goes down: 09:00 AM, Monday, Dec 24th.

All Gamers must be out of the hall: 09:00 AM, Monday, Dec 24th


How long should be the Ethernet/TP/Cat5/Cat5E/Cat6 cable?

If you bring 10 meters it will be enough to reach the switch on the table.

How much space will be given for one person?

For the BYOC ticket holders, you will be given one seat for your system.

Can I bring my gaming console?

Yes, as long as you keep your stuff in your own tablespace.

Will there be Wi-Fi at the venue?

No, Wi-Fi will not be provided at the event, as we are providing the only LAN for the BYOC Gamers.

Venue Layout

Content source: BookMyShow