Team Tournament at Dreamhack Mumbai 2018

Be active now, because this time you gonna takes chance to show your teamwork.

Be a part of the biggest team tournament in the country. Dreamhack gonna organize a casual team tournament at the 1st day (21st Dec) of the event. This team tournament will be organized on both Tekken and Street Fighters games. 

Choose your teammates at the venue or take them with you at the event.

Here are some quotes:

  1. 3 Players in a team
  2. 1 team member will keep playing till he gets either knocked out or defeats all the members of the opponent team.
  3. Your team name will be shown in bracket
  4. This will just be a casual fun tournament with no prize money
  5. It won’t count in main matches
  6. This is for both Tekken and SFV games.
  7. Matches will be played on stage with commentary and live streaming
  8. 3v3 Team tournament will only have 16 teams each for Tekken 7 and street fighter. Register your team quickly before all the slots are booked.

Register Your Team Here:

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