Proving Grounds 2 – Bangalore

Proving Grounds 2

Proving Grounds (a part of Indian FGC) is an initiative to bring together all the fighting game enthusiasts and provide them a platform to showcase their skills. The reach is not only limited to Indian FG players but to the Asian sub-continent who can come, participate and prove their mettle. Furthermore, we wish to expand the scope & viability of these games as a spectator sport, which will help us & other brands associated with us to tap into this market for future growth.

What is expected from Proving Grounds, Round 2?

  • 350 + participants
  • Increase in number of games played with an increased prize pool in each of them.
  • Increased viewership on reaching out to the global fighting game community over 3 days.
  • Vast social media coverage (on IFGC Fb page, Instagram, Twitter, Twitch, NDTVGadgets,
  • US EVO style tournament for the very first time in India (3-day event with live streaming & casting)
  • Professional production support by
  • Brand recognition/space online (on stream with ads) as well as offline (at the venue) exclusively for partner-sponsors.

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