2018 Mumbai Dreamhack Update

As we can see, tickets now available for purchase. You can purchase tickets at BookMyShow and Dreamhack website.

There are multiple ticket categories and prices for Visitors and Bring Your Own Computer (BYOC) Gamers.

For Visitors, there are two options for tickets.

  • A visitor pass for any single day costs INR 499
  • A 3 Day visitor pass will costs INR 999

For BYOC Gamers, All tickets will give you passes for all three days. There are three different categories or zones in different sections of the stadium.

  • Epic Gamer – Block 3 – INR 2,999
  • Super Epic Gamer – Block 2 – INR 4,999
  • Legendary Gamer – Block 3 – INR 14,999
  • Tekken Gamers – Price Need To Update
dreamhack mumbai

Thinks to notice at Dreamhack or FAQ:-

Is there an age limit for the event?

Dreamhack Mumbai 2018 is open to all age participants. Anyone can easily join and participate DreamHack. Registration is online and offline both.

Can I buy tickets on the site?

Yes, you can buy tickets at BookMyShow and Dreamhack website.

Does DreamHack/BookMyShow offer a refund on tickets?

No, DreamHack/BookMyShow does not offer refunds on bought tickets

Can you buy tickets on location?

Event passes will be available for purchase at the event for day visitors if they are not sold out online. Better purchase tickets online.

I don’t have a printer, can I show my ticket on my phone/tablet?

Yes, you would need to exchange the booking confirmation at the registration desk to obtain entry to the event

What are the payment methods offered?

Both websites offer payment by cash, debit and credit cards and e-wallets.

What are the festival hours?

Friday – (Gamers – 7am to Midnight) | (Visitors – 11am to 8pm)

Saturday – (Gamers – 11am to Midnight) | (Visitors – 11am to 8pm)

Sunday – (Gamers – 11am to Midnight) | (Visitors – 11am to 8pm)

Expo Hall: 11am–8pm Daily

Doors open Gamer : Fri 7AM | Sat 10AM | Sun 10AM

Doors open Visitor : Fri 10AM – 8PM | Sat 10AM – 8PM | Sun 10AM – 8PM

Registration Desk:  Fri 6AM – 7PM | Sat 9AM – 7PM | Sun 9AM – 7PM

BYOC Attendee computer drop off time begins at 7AM on Friday 21st Dec.

The network goes down: 08:00 AM, Monday, Dec 24th.

The electricity goes down: 09:00 AM, Monday, Dec 24th.

All Gamers must be out of the hall: 09:00 AM, Monday, Dec 24th


How long should be the Ethernet/TP/Cat5/Cat5E/Cat6 cable?

If you bring 10 meters it will be enough to reach the switch on the table.

How much space will be given for one person?

For the BYOC ticket holders, you will be given one seat for your system.

Can I bring my gaming console?

Yes, as long as you keep your stuff in your own tablespace.

Will there be Wi-Fi at the venue?

No, Wi-Fi will not be provided at the event, as we are providing the only LAN for the BYOC Gamers.

Venue Layout

Content source: BookMyShow