Rohit Jain wins TEKKEN Nexus #14 in a return to form

Rohit Jain (Eliza) has won TEKKEN Nexus #14 Online Dojo against Rcool331 (Leroy) with a solid 3-1 in the grand finals. Jain, who entered top 8 from the winners’ side, only lost two games in his three sets to victory. Commentators Raging Mode and Jeonsa pointed at the Eliza main’s return to form with the Nexus win.  

Last event’s champion, Rcool, again entered top 8 from the loser’s bracket and fought his way to grand finals. RTG Sunny (Katarina) had a strong showing, only losing to the top two performers. The Katarina main had a notably hard-fought set with Rcool, losing 3-2 in the losers’ finals, securing third place. The top-ranking players in the Tekken World Tour 2022’s South Asia region, Tejan and Yoshikiller were not present for the tournament. 

TEKKEN Nexus #14 sets the tone as the penultimate event in the series of Online and Offline Dojo events. Over 64 participants residing in India participated in the tournament organized by TEKKEN Freaks and powered by the TEKKEN World Tour. Top placements earn the players points through the TEKKEN Esports Tournament Portal.    

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