KnightWing wins Nodwin Gaming Community Cup #12

KnightWing (Steve Fox) has won the 12th edition of Nodwin Gaming’s Community Cup against RTG Sunny (Marduk/Phoenix/Lars). The hard-fought 3-2 victory came after RTG Sunny reset the bracket in a seesaw game 5 grand finals.


KnightWing looked dominant in the winner’s top 8, not dropping a single game until the grand finals. The Fox main also defeated LagPsycho (Zafina), who ended the tournament at third place.


LagPsycho faced RTG Sunny in the winner’s semifinals, sending the latter to the losers’ bracket. From there, Sunny picked up notable wins against Rcool331 (Leroy) and Shaktishali (Nina) to avenge the loss against the Zafina player in the loser’s finals with a 3-2 victory.


Shaktishali, who entered top 8 from the loser’s side, had a strong showing, ultimately losing to the runner up in the loser’s semifinals and placing fourth.


The event was an exciting display of Indian Tekken talent before next week’s massive Dreamhack India Tekken 7 offline event with a prize pool of Rs 3.6 lakh. Do keep an eye out for our peer communities of Street Fighter V and Smash Ultimate too.


Top 8 Lineup:
RTG Sunny
Lil Mahajan


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