How Yoshikiller won Dreamhack Hyderabad in Tekken 7

Wasfi Bilal, known as Yoshikiller, won Dreamhack Hyderabad in an impressive comeback victory against Delhi’s Rohit Jain on November 6th. This is by no measure the 20-year-old’s breakout performance, as Wasfi won multiple titles in the Nexus series this past year. His consistent top placements awarded him first place in the Tekken World Tour 2022’s leaderboard for the South Asian region, followed by Tejan, Hitesh Khorwal AKA Rcool, and Jain, respectively.

The Yoshimitsu main who hails from Kashmir says that preparations for Dreamhack started two weeks in advance with his cousin, and fellow Kashmiri Tekken player, Snakefury. “Our goal was to make top 8 anyhow to put KMR on board in the offline Tekken scene and thanks to Allah, the journey went awesome.”

KMR, which stands for Kashmir, is a community of 10-15 players in Kashmir that are active in the Tekken 7 scene. The tag is worn by multiple strong and up-and-coming players that hail from the region.

“The Nexus series helped me a lot as my family supported me after watching me leading the series again and again to participate in Dreamhack,” he says, adding “thanks to my big brother and SnakeFury, who helped me remain calm and focused during difficult on-stream matches.”

When asked about the challenges he faced in his run to gold at Dreamhack, Wasfi explains that there were many more hurdles than just Rohit Jain, who he faced thrice. “I started playing an anti-jump and high-check game in losers which specifically helped me beat Rohit,” he says.

Indian Tekken fans cheer for Wasfi’s exciting playstyle and calm demeanor, but also his dominant wins with Yoshimitsu. The character is largely considered low-tier by the community, with very few global figureheads producing results with the katana-wielding alien ninja.

“Honestly, I feel like Yoshimitsu is the best fun-to-play character in the entire roster. When I started, I didn’t know that I’ll make such progress with this character. I play a lot of characters, but I think in tournaments, my Yoshi is the strongest.”

Wasfi started his journey playing Tekken 3 in Kashmir some 14 years back with his brother at the numerous arcades present at the time. This exposed him to some of the strongest players in the region at that time, such as Snakefury, Windgod, Arsalan, among others. ‘KMR’ finds its roots here, as the name for their group.

“This offline tournament was just a start, but it was an amazing experience for us – KMR”, says Wasfi.


On November 12th, the top 4 placements in India will be facing each other at the regional qualifiers for the Tekken World Tour – Yoshikiller, Tejan, Rcool, and Rohit Jain. We urge you to tune in and support your favourite players.


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