Tekken 7’s New DLC Character Is Lidia Sobieska

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Bandai Namco has released the debut gameplay trailer for Lidia Sobieska, the mysterious Polish prime minister getting set to take down the Mishima Zaibatsu in Tekken 7. This all-new DLC fighter will be available to purchase on March 23, the latest addition to Season 4 of the 3D fighter.

The new video gives us our first look at the stylish martial artist and top-tier politician, who has joined the Iron Fist Tournament with an eye to ruining the Heihachi empire and removing its presence from her beloved homeland. As you can see from her hard-hitting trailer, Miss Sobieska is as domineering in the ring as she is in politics, wrecking on Dragonov, Brian Fury, and Hworang before taking the fight to Heihachi Mishima himself.

Lidia Sobieska will come packaged with a brand new fighting locale: the sunny and inviting “Island Paradise” stage. Don’t spend too long admiring the view, because Lidia is here fighting for her people – putting down the pen and the red tape, and putting up her fists instead. The premier has the chair, and she might just wrap it ’round your dang skull.

We now have the full name of Tekken 7‘s upcoming DLC fighter: Lidia Sobieska. Bandai Namco recently sent out physical press kits with the character’s name included. The press box included a letter from Heihachi Mishima addressed directly to the new fighter as well. Lidia Sobieska will reportedly release in early spring 2021.

Bandai Namco is ramping up its promotional efforts for Lidia in Tekken 7. Inside the press kit is a letter from the CEO of the Mishima Zaibatsu himself, Heihachi Mishima. This adds some extra lore for people to ponder. As a reminder, the new DLC fighter is the Prime Minister of Poland in Tekken‘s universe.

Lidia Sobieska, Prime Minister of Poland – Polskie Karate – TEKKEN 7 DLC 18 (Unboxing)


According to Heihachi’s letter, Lidia requested the removal of the Tekken Force deployed in Poland. The CEO stated that he has no intention of following through with her request, but he did admire her for reaching her position at such a young age. Though the letter reads cordially, in typical Heihachi fashion, it’s more of a threat. The difficult position the Mishima Zaibatsu has put Lidia in will serve as her motivation for entering the King of the Iron Fist Tournament.

Character Information:



Lidia appears to be very patriotic as she vows to win The 7th King of the Iron First Tournament in the name of the people of her country, seeming relatively not phased by the threats that her aide warned her about.


She has platinum blonde hair which she ties into a high ponytail, while face appears to have a scar under her left eye. She appears to also wear glossy red lipstick.


Lidia is a politician and therefore dresses formally, donning a white dress shirt underneath a black vest and blazer whilst a light gray coat, which contains a pin featuring the Polish white eagle, is worn on top of them. She also wears a brown knee-length pencil skirt with black trim, pantyhose as well as black pumps with white accents.

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