Rcool331 wins Tekken Nexus #13 in dominant fashion

Rcool331 (Leroy) has won TEKKEN Nexus #13 Online Dojo in a dominant Grand Final performance against KMR Yoshikiller (Yoshimitsu|Feng|Zafina). Rcool, who entered top 8 from the losers’ side, won six games in a row to reset the bracket and win the tournament. He also notably defeated Rohit Jain (Eliza|Zafina), eliminating the favourite from the event.

Abhinav Tejan (Eliza), who was slated to play Yoshikiller in the Winners’ Finals, had to drop out due to internet connection issues. The two are ranked first and second, respectively, in the Tekken World Tour 2022 for the South Asian region as of 29th September 2022, making the matchup something fans are looking forward to.

TEKKEN Nexus #13 marks another successful event, with over 64 participants residing in India. TEKKEN Nexus is a series of Online and Offline Dojo events organized by TEKKEN Freaks and powered by the TEKKEN World Tour. Top placements earn the players points through the TEKKEN Esports Tournament Portal.

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A special shoutout to Rohit Jain, who recently represented India at the REV MAJOR Philippines 2022, placing 17th. Click here to read the interview online Sports journal Sportkeeda conducted with him.

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