Brackets: https://smash.gg/tournament/lockdown-fight-nights-team-battle/

LOCKDOWN FIGHT NIGHTS – TEAM BATTLE – 21-25TH APRIL 2021 Tourney rules and information

  1. Tournament Format: A. 8 teams – 1v1 B. Double Elimination. C. No Character Lock D. Lidia Playable Character
  2. Match Rules and Format A. Best of 3 round stages. B. Winners Final, Loser’s Final and Grand Finals will be Best of 5 Matches.
  3. First stage of the match must be selected as random stage. Winner cannot change the character; Loser can change the character or stage. If character is changed then stage must be selected as random.
  4. No custom costume allowed. Default/Pre-set costume only. Any player found/reported using custom costume then the player will be disqualified one match.
  5. Any player or team failed to report in their respective match lobby on time will be disqualified.
  6. Tournament Team Entry fee is 200 INR.
  7. Prize Pool: LOCKDOWN FIGHT NIGHTS TEAM BATTLE a. Winner: INR 1000 b. Runner up: INR 600
  8. No team members will be allowed to play on WIFI, members will be disqualified right away.
  9. Ensure Fair Play all the time.
  10. If the match is lagging, then admins may request participants to share screenshot of your speed test. Any player with weak connection will be disqualified.
  11. Test your internet well before the matches for smooth gameplay and ensure timely participation.
  12. During a Match Set, the winner of a Match must comply with the following “Winner Lock Rules”: (i) during the first Match Set, each Player selects their character and the stage is selected at random; (ii) after a Match, the winner is “locked” into their character and they are not permitted to switch their character until/unless they lose a subsequent Match; (iii) all Matches are loser’s choice; and (iv) a loser of a Match may rematch with the current characters and stage, rematch with the current characters and a new stage of his or her choice, or return to character select to choose a new character and new random stage Key Note – • If a match desyncs in between any round then player will have to restart their match with same round count. • Only one PSN account per individual. All matches will be live streamed, subscribe and share in extended gaming communities. Link – https://youtu.be/9N8hcXIWKlc–