About DOJO Tournament

Details about Dojo Tournament under Tekken world Tour 2k19 and the Asian Countries eligible for it

Tekken world tour 2019 has been announced and it has open the gate for Tekken players from all across the globe to compete and prove their worth. Here, we are talking about something very unique about the TWT2019m the ‘Dojo tournaments’. Dojo Tournaments are basically the Tekken 7 events operating independently of the TEKKEN World Tour that have opted into TEKKEN World Tour recognition via an application process available on smash.gg. Which eventually means that Independent organizers around the world can apply for their offline tournaments to be recognized by TWT!

Here are the list of newly added countries which are eligible for Dojo tournaments from Asia are:

  • India
  • Nepal
  • Bangladesh
  • Pakistan
  • Bhutan
  • Sri Lanka

Arslan wining the EVO Japan 2k19, Indian Tekken players doing exceptionally good in TWT events and players like Ghirlanda have somehow convinced Harada and Bandai Namco itself to explore the hidden corners of the globe from new talents.

Good news for the Tekken players in India, that Proving Grounds 2 has become the first tournament from India to qualify for Dojo tournament

You can find complete rules here tekkenworldtour.com/rules/

Here is the table according to which ranking points will be awarded to the participants of various tournaments under TekkenWorldTour 2k19

Tekken World Tour 2k19 rating algorithms

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