Streamlabs OBS Free Overlay – Green Scene – (Animated)


Download Streamlabs OBS Free Overlay – Green Scene – (Animated) – Full Set for your online streaming. Beautiful and high-quality overlays download now.



Watch Overlay Help Video:

Download Tekken OBS Overlay!

In Download File:

  1. OBS Settings File
  2. Score Animation Overlay


1. Open Streamlabs OBS >> Click on settings gear >> Click Scene Collections >> Import Overlay File >> Select (.overlay) file >> Import

All files will automatically import.

2. If you are OBS user, Then you have to rename file. (Ex: somefile.overlay to then you will able to extract the file and use them manually.

Animation Include:

  1. Offline
  2. Clean Please Wait
  3. Be Right Back
  4. Stream Starting Soon
  5. Middle Streaming
  6. Left Streaming (With alert and donation)
  7. Transition

********************** IMPORTANT ***************************

This overlay use for personal use, if you purchased this over so only you can use.

You can not share or sell this overlay to another person, if we found you doing it we can file a case against you and we can able to suspend your Twitch/YouTube accounts. And you will ban from the website to download any overlay.


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