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Stay in the shade, avoid the sun, be careful of the lack of "Calcium-Vitamin D"

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Nowadays, with our fast-paced lifestyle and the  superslot warmer weather every year, we spend less indoors, out in the sun and use UVB protection products. Causing us to lack an essential nutrient that comes with sun exposure, that is Which is an important variable that helps our body absorb calcium

Inadequate vitamin D intake can lead to calcium deficiency, known as vitamin D and calcium. Is a nutrient that comes together Lack of one thing, it may result in bone disease and weakened immune system if left for a long time. Knowing this, we need to take care of ourselves early. For a healthy body for a long time

But walking out to see the sun would be impossible So we need to find a supplement to support our vitamin D intake, so we recommend five easy-to-do-it-yourself ways to strengthen your bones and your immune system. And can do it every day

5 ways to strengthen bones And strong immunity

  1. Eat foods that are high in calcium.

The easiest trick to build strong bones is to choose foods that are naturally high in calcium, such as milk, cheese, fish, dried shrimp, kale, black sesame seeds, etc. Of the body without difficulty


  1. Eat foods containing vitamin D. Help absorb calcium And avoid foods and drinks that inhibit calcium absorption

The best partner that will help drive the body to use calcium more efficiently is vitamin D. Our body can synthesize vitamin D from sunlight. And foods that are good sources of vitamin D, such as liver, butter, egg yolks, high-fat fish such as salmon, tuna, and certain types of mushrooms, such as oyster mushrooms or fresh shiitake, should also reduce foods that inhibit calcium absorption, such as spinach. Wheat bran, sweet potato, etc. There are also some beverages that inhibit calcium absorption as well, including alcoholic beverages, tea, coffee, including soft drinks that contribute to Cause a condition of osteoporosis

  1. Exercise regularly.

“Sport is a wonderful medicine.” This is a phrase that we have been familiar with for a long time, which is a sentence that can be used in all ages. Exercises that help build strong bones Is exercise that focuses on carrying body weight Or put on weight such as walking, running, jumping rope or cycling, etc. Should choose the type of exercise to suit our age range. They should exercise at least 3-5 times a week. In addition, they should do at least 15 minutes of sun exposure for at least 2-4 times a week. Times that are not too hot, such as in the morning 6.00-8.00 or in the evening, 4.00-18.00, sunlight will help convert cholesterol in the body to vitamin D.

  1. Control and maintain a reasonable weight.

Excess weight will cause our bodies to carry heavy loads and will cause our bones to become weak and easily damaged. However, controlling body weight is not dieting. Because that will prevent us from getting enough nutrients to meet the body's needs, including calcium and vitamin D. Therefore, controlling and choosing the right foods will help you control your weight while still getting enough nutrients for your body.

  1. Take vitamin D supplements

In some cases who are in a state of depletion Or really lacking vitamin D The doctor may consider vitamin supplements. The type of vitamin D will depend on the individual patient's condition and suitability.