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Danger signs, risk of disease "sleep apnea"

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As we sleep We are often unaware of what happened. So if looking from the superslot name of the disease “Stopping breathing while sleeping” might sound scary. And when it is a symptom that occurs while sleeping How do we know if we are having this disease or not? How much are we at risk?

Why do we "snore"

Snoring is caused by obstruction of the upper airway. Narrowing of the airways For many reasons such as abnormal muscle relaxation (People who sleep will have more relaxation of the muscles), but in some people may have more muscle looseness than normal people. Thus causing a snoring sound while sleeping If there is a large blockage It will cause symptoms of sleep apnea. Which causes the body to lack oxygen Until it may further harm the body

Sleep apnea risk groups

Men are more at risk than women. (But women can also)

Overweight There is more tissue in the neck area. More likely to have a snoring sound

High blood pressure

It is an underlying disease of the respiratory system, such as allergies.

Have abnormal facial structures, such as adenoids, tonsils